Last Steel Beams Placed in New Trinity School

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It was a day of celebration and symbolism for Dickinson Catholic Schools.

With the last two steel beams in placed, the structure of the new junior high and high school is finished.

A Trinity High School student described the significance of the new structure.

She explains why the auditorium was filled with not just students, but also faculty, alumni and supporters. It also explains why all could leave their mark.

"I think everyone our alumni and everyone in the entire community is just excited about the future," said Steve Glasser, Dickinson Catholic Schools president.

Wednesday the final two steel beams for the new junior high and high school were decorated with hundreds of red signatures and graduation years. All participants are now a part of history.

"A very good day for us, and we're grateful for all who have made this possible," said Msgr. Patrick Schumacher, Dickinson Catholic Schools vice president.

The day's ceremony involved remarks and the raising of the two signed beams. After a fire destroyed parts of the school in 2014, administrators say they didn't think this day would come so soon.

"We poured concrete up until the middle of December and we started hanging iron, we started setting steel in January so it's been amazing. Who would have thought; it's almost as if, well, God does know we're building a school," Schumacher said.

The Trinity community is hopeful for a January 2017 opening for the new school and future for the Titans.

They are taking the project's public campaign to their four parishes, alums and businesses in the community.​