Controlled Burn Reignited by Wind, Burns 200 Acres North of Mandan

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A grassfire in North Mandan Monday afternoon wiped out as many as 200 acres.

It started at the intersection of 22nd Avenue and River Place Drive North.

The fire threatened two houses, but the Mandan Rural Fire Department headed off the flames.

The fire chief says a three week old controlled burn was reignited by the winds.

"Nasty, I don't know how else to say it. Like I said, we had 10-15 foot high flames and we had structures getting very close to them, very close to them. The guys went in there and did a good, we saved the structures that's the main thing. No one was injured," said Lynn Gustin, Mandan Rural Fire Chief.

Firefighters plan to stay through the night and to keep an eye out.