LDS Church Distributes Clothing in Bismarck Saturday

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has already given out several tons of clothes to those in Watford City.

Saturday, it does the same in Bismarck.

Volunteers are popping open bags and sorting clothes, in preparation to give them all away.

"We all depend upon each other and there are those in the community who are less fortunate, and I believe that those who have more have a responsibility to give back," said Kendi Chase, event organizer.

About 60 people are volunteering their time on Friday, and even more are giving their time to help distribute donations, which came from Salt Lake City, on Saturday.

Event organizers and volunteers are sorting or hanging up about 20,000 pounds of donations.

"I think everyone at one time maybe struggled or doesn't have enough to clothe their kids. I've been in that situation before. So it feels good to give back to the community, to participate in something like this," said Greg Gardner, volunteer.

"I think it's important to be out in the community and helping people because there are a lot of needs and we have been so blessed that I'd like to help bless other lives," said Angelica Grannis, volunteer.

"It has been very humbling to see people who have been so willing to give up their time to come and help to make this project be a success," Chase said.

Everyone, regardless of the severity of their financial situation, is welcome to come take whatever they need.

"I hope that people who can benefit from this will come, and that it will ease a little bit of their burden," Chase said.

No limits will be placed what families can receive, except for blankets and hygiene kits, which are limited to one per family, so that everyone can stay warm this winter.

The clothes and other donations will be distributed from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Latter Day Saints Church on Country West Road.

Organizers ask that participants bring their own bags, boxes or baskets to take away their items.

They also say that no further donations will be accepted for this event.