Williston's Purple School Teaches Students Second Languages

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At the Purple School in Williston, teachers have been working hard to prepare their students for their third annual Spanish Language Bee.

"We let the kids know exactly what they're going to be tested on so that they know what to learn. And you saw we have eight different categories that all appeal to kids and so they study at home with a study sheet and get as prepared as they can," said Joyce Shui, owner of the Purple School.

For this year's competition, students were prompted with a color or an animal and asked to repeat the term in Spanish. They were given several prizes, including a glow stick for every round they lasted. This year's group was well prepared.

"They did amazing. It seems like they did a lot of practice at home and in Spanish classes, they nail it," said Silvia Zubke, teacher at the Purple School.

One thing that the Purple School emphasizes is the importance of learning a second language.

"People who are bilingual are better at math, they're better at music and they're better academically so why not give our kids an edge?" said Shui.

"Learning a second language opens a lot of opportunities when they grow up. In Williston, you can see families from different places now, and they speak Spanish or any other language, so they need to be able to communicate," Zubke said.

And it's important to start learning at a young age.

"Sometimes people think that learning a second language is really hard and so maybe we should wait until the kids are in high school or college. But really, the time to learn is when they're really little. And you can see these kids just effortlessly, until the final rounds, were able to answer the questions," Shui said.

The Purple School offers languages other than Spanish as well.