Williston High School Construction Progresses Quickly

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Early this spring, Williston broke ground for a new high school.

In the last six months, Williston's new high school has transformed from a packet of plans to a tangible thing.

"All these plans and the drawings we've looked at, it's coming to fruition and you can actually touch. And I've been on the second floor, I've been in the gym. It's real," said Jason Germundson, Williston High School prinicpal.

And the size of the new structure is really starting to sink in.

"This campus, here at Williston High School with the middle school, this block is 10.2 acres. And when you go out there, that campus is almost 40 acres," Germundson said.

The project has made an impression on visitors.

"I can talk about it, I can show you a picture, but to actually drive out there? I talk to people all the time, people stop me in the grocery store, 'Wow, I did go out there, that is impressive,'" Germundson said.

The third and final floor of the academic building is being completed. The gym and theater have come a long way as well. But with winter on the way, the race against time has begun.

"Obviously we're increasing manpower at this point to try to stay ahead of winter; protection and heating and things like that," said Josh Dyck, project superintendent.

While there's still a lot of work to be done, crews are hopeful they can enclose the walls by the time the snow flies, then the next phase of construction can begin.

"At that point, we'll turn our focuses to finishing electrical rough-in, plumbing rough-in, we'll pick up the last few of our interior masonry walls which are not load-bearing, and then we'll move into drywall, paint and finishes from there," Dyck said.

While tremendous strides have been made, there's still a long way to go before students roam these halls.

Construction is expected to be completed in July.