Watford City Community Center Breaks Ground

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In the shadow of the construction for Watford City's new high school, a new project broke ground Wednesday: A new community center.

"This is a great feeling. We've had a lot of ground breakings in Watford City, but this is one of the best.This includes the kids, this includes all age groups, this is going to be a great thing for the entire spectrum of the citizens of Watford City," said Brent Sanford, Watford City mayor.

The new center will be a great place to kids to hang out, when completed, and it was some of those kids that got the ball rolling on the project.

"To receive letters from sixth graders and almost universally they would ask for an indoor recreational facilities because we really didn't have that in Watford City," Sanford said.

It was not just kids that helped the project get off the ground, it was an entire community effort.

"The community really got behind this project which allowed it to happen. A lot of pieces had to come together and we had to get a lot of people to agree on what this building was actually going to look like," said Justin Johnsrud, Watford City park board president.

A 1.5 percent sales tax to help fund the project was voted on by Watford City's citizens. The new building will cater to a number of groups throughout the city.

"The high school's going to use this facility, the club teams are going to use this facility, the pinochle club, the seniors for coffee and walking track," Johnsrud said.

And some community members are happy to see the payoff for their ongoing support.

"They have the idea of doing it, but you don't really see it happening and now it's here and there's so much stuff that's going to be available to the community that's just overwhelming," said Lindsay Wingerter, Watford City resident.

The center is expected to be completed in September 2016 and will cost around $87 million.