United Way Short of Year-End Goal

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BISMARCK (KFYR-TV) The United Way goal for 2015 is to raise $2.5 million, but right now, it's coming up short and needs the community to pitch in now more than ever.

"Every single dollar counts," said Jena Gullo, executive director of MSA United Way. "If everyone in the community could give $1, we would be there. We would hit our goal. So if you can give, give today."

The money raised goes to a number of programs in the Bismarck- Mandan area.

Lisa Kudelka "We had some kids who didn't have a bed, so you can imagine, every day, you go to bed sleep on the floor, how hard it would be to get up and be ready to go to school the next day," said Lisa Kudelka, human resources at Bismarck Public Schools. "So the neighbors network people were able to get donations and provide that family with beds."

Members of United Way are doing everything they can to reach their goal.

"So we are knocking on the doors of every business possible, making phone calls to potential donors or past donors who have not given yet," Gullo said.

The United Way is a crucial partnership when it comes to underprivileged children.

"It's an essential partnership in our district," Kudelka said. "I think one of the things United Way does, it really not only provides programs or funding, but it really brings a lot of different groups together."

If you would like to donate to United Way, then log onto msaunitedway.org.

MSA United Way is hosting a charity softball tournament tomorrow on 40th Street Southeast in Mandan.

There will also be raffles and other games.