Students Learn at Marketplace for Kids

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Some say the best way to learn is by having fun at the same time.

"We got to make our own little rockets and decorate it," said Kyle Sarsland, a sixth grader from Glova Elementary School.

"It was fun building the rockets and seeing them fly over the room," said Cassie Bosserman, a fifth grader from Golva Elementary School.

Students took a field trip to Dickinson State University for Marketplace For Kids. The organization held its annual education day to promote careers within the state and to get students thinking about their futures.

They are taught by volunteers with different backgrounds, each helping students explore possibilities.

"I love doing the learning by doing so when I do the classes," said Samantha Roth, an agent for Stark-Billings County NDSU. "I try not to make it a Powerpoint. I try to make it active."

But it's not just about learning in a classroom.

Students took to the hallways to learn about business ideas from their peers.

"You have a lot of programs targeted at high school levels, so we tried to hit the age range where they're cognizant and thinking about the future and it's still early enough that they can start thinking of ideas that are creative," said Erica Lindvall, program director for Marketplace for Kids.

Lindvall says the children are young and that's exactly who the organization wants to inspire. After all, it does take a lot of work when it comes to deciding a future career.

More than 150 students attended the event.