County Veterans Erect Memorial in Dickinson

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There's something new directly across from Rocky Butte Park in Dickinson.

The Stark County's Veterans Memorial is taking shape, and there will be a celebration in the coming days.

For Stark County veterans, it will be a place for reflection.

"I'm going to be coming up here every day," said Jack Carow, member of the Stark County Veterans Memorial Association.

And the veteran means what he says. He and about 30 other volunteers on the project's team have been returning to the site daily.

"We didn't quit we would come here at 7, 8 in the morning," Carow said.

Many wouldn't leave until 3 or 4 in the afternoon after setting numerous bricks and other pieces to the memorial. The project's purpose in Dickinson is what makes the time worthwhile.

"It was a dream of his for over 25 years to honor the veterans in our area," said Cathy Logosz, secretary president of the Start County Veterans Memorial Association.

Her husband, Dave Logosz, is a Vietnam veteran who was wounded during his service. It is with the help of others in the association that he was able to bring his vision to life, including the memorial's designer Linda Little, who created a 6-foot-5-inch soldier statue for the site.

"She completed him a couple of years ago, and his home has been at city hall," Logosz said.

But today, he stands proudly at the memorial site. When the memorial is complete, he will be saluting more than 6,000 veterans.

The majority of the project was done by Stark County veterans, but the installation of the pillars was done by people from much further away.

"It's an honor to me to be able to install this for these people because I know how special it is for them," said Bernie Lajeunesse, project team member.

Lajeunesse came from Vermont to work on the project. The granite pillars he will set in place list the many names of Stark County natives who served their country.

The association recognizes donors to the project through engraved bricks that surround the bronze soldier.