School Resource Officer Makes Positive Impression

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He may be a familiar face to some in other parts of Stark County, but for Richardton-Taylor students, he's the new guy.

Deputy Ron VanDoorne is the school's first resource officer.

He doesn't just look out for the safety of students.

"It builds so many bridges between the community and law enforcement. It encompasses so much more than just being the school guy," said VanDoorne, Stark County Sheriff's Department.

Richardton-Taylor's first ever school resource officer works regularly with social services along with other agencies. He's the new go-to guy.

"I don't have all of the answers, but I know where to get them. I have all the resources at my fingertips," VanDoorne said.

Often times you can find VanDoorne walking the hallways, and he even has an office.

It was an easy choice for the sheriff's department. VanDoorne served as the resource officer at Dickinson High School for several years.

"As far as I'm concerned officer VanDoorne is the guru of SRO in this area," Stark County Sheriff Terry Oestreich said.

Oestreich hopes VanDoorne will be a role model to young minds. He has helped many, and sometimes learns about them years later.

"She made a comment to my wife that if it wouldn't have been for me, she probably wouldn't have been alive today, so you don't hear those things," VanDoorne said.

VanDoorne says teachers have welcomed him into their classrooms to talk about law enforcement. He's been at the school for under a month, and has already made an impression.

"Usually he's very visible, around the hallways and out in the parking lot, and also if we have any discipline problems," said Brent Bautz, Richardton-Taylor Public School District superintendent.

And he's free to stay as long as he'd like.

"He can hangout here as long as he wants," Bautz said.

VanDoorne says he wants the program to expand to other schools in the county.