Preparing for Disaster During Severe Storm Season

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Severe storm season has already begun in North Dakota. Thunderstorms have dumped lots of rain on the state, and a funnel cloud that did not touch down has been reported, but no tornadoes have been spotted yet.

Last year on Memorial Day a twister created lots of havoc near Watford City, destroying a man camp and causing thousands of dollars of damage; but luckily no one was killed.

There isn't a lot of time to come up with an evacuation plan once the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning, so McKenzie County Emergency Manager Karolin Rockvoy says the public needs to come up with an escape strategy beforehand.

"People need to be prepared. Nobody thinks a disaster is going to hit in their community. You can watch Oklahoma all the time and see it happening over, and over and over again, and think that will never happen here, actually it does happen here," Rockvoy said.

Rockvoy says people can go to the McKenzie County Emergency Manager's office, located in the courthouse in Watford City, and pick up free brochures on how to keep yourself or your family safe when severe weather or a tornado strikes.