Plans for Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Move Forward

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Plans for a Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Dickinson are taking shape.

But several state requirements need to be met to move forward.

With a site selected, the board for Theodore Roosevelt's Library is ready to move ahead.

"This week we hired an operations manager, Jim Kelly, from Utah and he is going to take us to the next step," said Vicky Steiner, Library Foundation Board Member.

Kelly expressed interest in the project, and the board believed he'd fit the role.

"He was aware that we were looking to find somebody to pull it all together, so he is aware of all the aspects of the project," Steiner said.

The state legislature is giving $12 million toward the project, but would like to see it make significant progress by the end of 2016. For the project to truly take off, more funds will be needed.

"We have to raise the money to make it the kind of facility that Dickinson State University can be proud of, that Theodore Roosevelt family can be proud of," said Jim Ozbun, DSU interim president.

Ozbun says if the resources are available, the project will go forward. If not, it will be built in phases. Although his term is ending, he looks forward to seeing DSU students involved with the library.​

The board is hoping to raise $30 million from donors across the country.