North Dakota Coyote Classic Kicks Off

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DICKINSON (KFYR-TV) It's not even 5:30 a.m. and the moon is still out.

But that's the life of a hunter, especially for this duo, Kurry Deplarte and Tim Lockwood, as they gear up for the start of the North Dakota Coyote Classic hunting competition.

"it all just depends on luck, a little bit of skill, that's what we say," said competitor Kurry Delparte. "Because we aren't exactly the best, but we enjoy going out and hopefully seeing some coyotes and having some fun."

The coyote classic enters its 13th year and there's something about it that's brought Kurry back year after year.

"What brings us back is to hangout with those guys, tell the stories, see how the hunting goes and just play the deck of cards," Delparte said.

Giving the coyote hunters the recognition they deserve is one of the main reasons the tournament was introduced.

"I thought it would be a great opportunity to put a hunt together that would celebrate hunting," said founder Jamie Olson. "Not only the skill that's required of doing coyote hunting, but the calling in the winter time in North Dakota."

Jamie prides himself on running one of the best coyote competitions in the Midwest.

"We have easily ran more tournaments than anyone else in the country," Olson said. "We have paid out more cash prizes to coyote callers than anyone else in the country. I am pretty proud of the event."

As Kurry looks through his binoculars hoping to spot a coyote, he hears gunshots in the distance where his partner Tim gets two coyotes to start off the competition and they hope there's more to come.