New Stores Bring Activity to Downtown Dickinson

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A place that used to be passed by is becoming a hub of much activity.

In the last two years, downtown Dickinson has seen more foot traffic and store openings. It may be the sign of a fresh start.

"Downtown is basically not only unique shopping, but it's an experience for everybody, too. There's dining experiences, there's entertainment experiences," said Terri Thiel, director at Dickinson's Visitor Bureau.

Thiel says with the help of younger generations moving to Dickinson, new ideas and businesses have come downtown. One major change is downtown's look.

"Different paintings that you see on the buildings that are coming in. We have some great artists that are coming in," Thiel said.

And one of the youngest businesses downtown is helping promote local art.

"We realized Dickinson didn't have anything like that to showcase local artists and to bring more art into the community," said Amanda Galster, co-owner of Celebrations 'n' Crafts.

Next to the art gallery is another budding business. Loom has only been open since July, and the owner says she has received great feedback.

"I've just been having a lot of fun. I love shopping, so it's basically like being able to shop but for a store instead," said Kelli Wojahn, owner of Loom.

For older businesses, a little touch up can make a difference. The seven-year-old Brickhouse Grille recently added a lounge for drinks, something the downtown was lacking.

"Go up there, have drinks before your dinner, order drinks after your dinner. It's a nice relaxing atmosphere," said Collin Wehner, chef and co-owner of Brickhouse Grille.

And Bernie's Esquire Club is in the final stages of its exterior renovation project. The Esquire Club began in 1952, and the family couldn't be more excited for the changes downtown.

"Everybody is doing a really good job and we are getting a lot of good compliments from all of our downtown neighbors," said Bernie Marsh, owner of Bernie's Esquire Club.

Besides new stores, other things are bringing people to downtown, like the Alive at 5 events that have been taking place all summer.

"Downtown Alive at 5 has been huge for us," Thiel said.

The summer outdoor music event brings hundreds of people to the downtown every week. But shop owners believe that in time, it won't take an event to bring big crowds to downtown.