NDSU Field Day Provides New Information for Farmers

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For as long as it's been open, Dickinson's NDSU Extension Center has held an open house for farmers and city dwellers.

The annual field day covers topics such as raising crops, preventing plant diseases and weed control.

With every year comes a new yield.

"We've been doing this for as long as extension has been around," said Ryan Buetow, area extension specialist.

This year the NDSU Extension Center began new NDSU Field Day in Dickinson. The center is celebrating its 110th year.

"Hop on the wagons and we'll go out, stop at each speaker," said Buetow. "The speaker will speak about their specialty."

And whether that is weed control or machinery, Buetow says that the annual event is designed to help farmers with their crops. Every year brings a different group.

"It really fluctuates depending on what the problems are that year," said Buetow. "Also depends on the weather. If it's a great day and the farmers need to be in the field, they're not going to show up."

If they miss out, Buetow says the center will post the event online. But it's still well worth it to go in person.

"Interact with people in the local community here that are interested in the work that is happening here at the Dickinson Research Center," said Greg Lardy, NDSU's animal sciences department head.

This isn't Lardy's first time at the event. He likes to learn about the changes in raising area crops.

"From the standpoint of understanding cropping systems, the differences and similarities from the eastern part of the state to the western part of the state here have been valuable," said Lardy.

The field day takes place every summer. So even if you missed the wagon this time around, there's always the next sunny field day.