Mandan Residents Concerned Over Property Value Spike

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More than 4,500 Mandan property owners were notified earlier this month that their assessed values were going up, some by more than 50 percent.

Board of equalization members say mill levees can be adjusted to minimize a rise in property taxes.

But homeowners say that's not enough.

"My increase was $44,500 on my house," said Mandan resident Bruce B. "That equated 48 percent and I figured out what the mills would have to drop to be a negative. It's 112 mills now. There's no way that I can see that the city itself is going to be able to drop 112 mills. There also needs to be compliance with the school board and park board."

Property owners who have questions about their assessment are asked to contact the Mandan assessing division to have their property revisited for adjustments.