Mandan Public School Board Approves Sale of Land Next to Red Trail Elementary

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Mandan Public School Board has approved the sale of more than 10 acres of land.

In a 6-to-3 vote the board agreed to sell the empty space next to Red Trail Elementary to Verity Homes for $277,000.

Board members who voted in favor say it's a good opportunity to put the land back onto the city of Mandan's tax roll.

They say it's also a chance to increase student enrollment.

The board only received one offer for the land, and those against the purchase say if the district held off on the sale in a year or two it could be worth more money.

"We're maybe selling that at half to two-thirds of what we could get for that and I think that we're doing an injustice to the tax payer when we sell property way below the value that we should get for it," said Lee Fleischer, Mandan Public School Board member.

Verity Homes says it plans to start working on the land next year.