Mandan Public School Board Approves Sale of 10.85 Acres of Land

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More than 10 acres of land will be put up for bid by the Mandan Public School District.

In a 5-to-1 vote, the Mandan Public School Board decided to start collecting bids for the empty space next to Red Trail Elementary School.

Superintendent Mike Bitz says the land was bought in 1979 but wasn't used until 2014 to build the school.

He says the remaining acres are unused and the district is spending money on maintenance.

However, board member Lee Fleischer says the board is making a premature decision.

"I'm convinced of that, I think several of the other board members are and Mr. Fleischer, he's probably not quite there yet," Bitz said.

"I think really you ought to have a comprehensive plan rather than, 'Yeah we're going to sell this now, but we're going to turn around and buy something later,'" Fleischer said.

Bitz will come back to the board with bids and a timeline for the sale. He says he doesn't know how much the land will sell for, but he thinks the money made from sale will go back into the district's building fund.

Also, in a unanimous vote the board approved the relocation of the bell from the original Mandan junior-senior high school to the middle school, and a project to replace doors and windows at Custer, Lewis and Clark, Mary Stark and Roosevelt Elementary Schools.

They also delayed inspections to repairs made to the middle school track until next spring and approved a research request from NWEA reports to analyze students' test results to get a better understanding of what educational gaps need to be filled.

The Mandan Public School Board will meet again on Monday, Nov. 2.