Mandan Police Chief Says Goodbye After 42 Years

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Mandan Police chief Dennis Bullinger is about to say goodbye to the only job he's known for the past four decades.

"I'm at that age where I have a retirement plan in place," Bullinger said.

He's been part of some cases which resulted in happy endings, and a couple which have never left his thoughts; including the murder of a Mandan man in 1972.

"I still have that case jacket and I'm comfortable that we've identified the individual that was responsible for Mr. Lawrence's death, but there just wasn't enough physical evidence to bring this into trial," Bullinger said.

Despite all of the gruesome crime scenes Bullinger has seen, his love for Mandan and the people he works with remains the same.

"They've changed just like I've changed. We've grown older and I hate to say slower," Bullinger said.

His co-workers of a few years and even decades say they'll miss him.

"He has a lot of great personal qualities just as a human being, without even discussing what he's done as a police officer and a chief over the years," said Deputy Chief Paul Leingang.

"We all kind of get through a point where you kind of get to a plateau. You're not sure if you're going to stay for the long haul, but I saw the same things in Mandan Police Department that he probably saw and that's why I'm still here," said Lt. Chris Miller.

Bullinger says even when he walks out of the department on December 11, he'll always consider the people here his family.

The police chief says he plans to work somewhere part-time and go fishing when he retires.