Lights Easily Allow Interstate Traffic on to Highway 22 in Dickinson

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Traffic has been a concern for Dickinson in the past.

"We've been thinking about this project for a number of years," said Rob Rayhorn, Department of Transportation (DOT) district engineer.

But starting last Wednesday, traffic on Highway 22 and the exits from the interstate began following new traffic signals.

"We put them in flash mode right away to let the public see something different was happening and after that we turned the signals on," said Rayhorn.

Since then, the lights have been halting drivers so interstate traffic can jump on Highway 22. If there is no gap in traffic, the district engineer assures that the waiting period is not long.

"If there is no gap, you'll have to wait up to 30 seconds and after 30 seconds the signal will change and then the ramp traffic can get on to Highway 22," said Rayhorn.

Rayhorn says neither the city nor the DOT have heard any complaints.

"I assume people like it because you hear negative, if its good you usually don't hear about it," he said.

Rayhorn adds that the DOT has traffic counts on the ramps so they know how long signals should last.​