Family Donates CuddleCot System to Hospital, Gives Others More Time

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If you've suffered a loss, you can understand how others feel.

The Christison family has given back in a way no other family has.

It is a day the Christisons will never forget.

"We went into the hospital thinking we were going to have our baby," said Lindsay Christison.

Last September, the family was told their newborn daughter, Avalyn Grace, had no heartbeat.

"It was heartbreaking and devastating, and so we have gone through our process of mourning and grieving her," said Christison.

A part of this process was giving back to others also suffering from the loss of a newborn. The Christisons donated the first CuddleCot system to Dickinson's CHI St. Joseph's Health.

"A generator that runs water through and it keeps the water cold," said Christison.

The CuddleCot keeps the baby cool so families have more time; a gift that Christison wishes she had with Avalyn.

"To have the CuddleCot in the room, because it its just a small machine that is able to go in the bassinet so they are able to have the baby all the time with them," she said.

Christison says there were many tears at the presentation of the CuddleCot. It was a donation that many on the staff will never forget.

"They were able to donate such a wonderful thing to these other parents. They didn't get the opportunity to spend as much time as they possibly could have," said Krishanda Clevenger, a nurse at the hospital.

Today, the Christisons remember Avalyn and welcome a new member to the family. This past June, the family was blessed with a healthy baby girl.

"She is a huge blessing to our family we are just so happy to have her," said Christison.

The family decided to name their new daughter Ella Grace in memory of Avalyn.

Christison says she hopes her story will encourage other communities to explore the CuddleCot system.