Dickinson's Trinity Continues Renovation Project

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DICKINSON (KFYR-TV) It's been pretty cramped at Trinity Catholic High School in Dickinson, where fire last year damaged part of the building, forcing the junior high and senior high students to share one wing.

But there's hope on the horizon.

There's plenty of work left to be done on the building and, in the meantime, high school students are studying in modular classrooms attached to the school.

"I don't know, it still feels the same, as we have most of it still," said student Lance Reiter. "But it's different because we have the modulars now instead of going up to the east wing."

Students are adjusting fine, but the portion of the building being renovated is outdated and needs a lot of updates.

"The construction of a building in the 1950s, those same builders and construction managers didn't build what they are going to build now," said dean of students Father Kregg Hochhalter. "They are constantly having to work their way around existing pipes, existing wiring, existing structures like our auditorium to make sure we don't damage what we already have and to make sure what we are adding on to is a good continuation of what already exists."

And he says if everything goes as planned, this year's sophomores could be the first to graduate in the newly rebuilt high school.

Father Hochhalter says the newly renovated high school will be connected to the Junior High.

The plan is to include an elementary school and have all three under one roof in three to four years.