Dickinson's New Beacon of Safety

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Out with the old and in with the new.

Well, not entirely.

Dickinson police and firefighters are moving in together. They say they work closely so often it makes sense.

As an added bonus, each department gets more space, something both desperately needed.

"We are parking things behind each other," said fire chief Robert Sivak.

"We are very cramped for space in our current facility," said police chief Dustin Dassinger.

A main concern for firefighters is response times and without the move, it would take the department longer to get to a scene.

"Right now, working out of the station, response times are getting long especially going up north," said firefighter Tyler Scott.

The public safety center will have more than 46 thousand square feet of space. For firefighters, that means sleeping rooms, training areas, larger bays for fire trucks.

And for police? Areas for patrol car monitoring, interview rooms, and much more space for labs and storing evidence.

"This is going to be a beautiful facility and something all the citizens of Dickinson should be proud of," Dassinger said. "It's going to be the beacon of safety, as we are commonly calling it. As far as the recruiting tool, it's going to be very special for Dickinson Police Department."

Dassinger says once the building is complete, the entrance and fire truck bays will be lined with lights, making it one of a kind in the city.

Both departments say the new center is on track to open this August.