Dickinson Rural Fire Department Expands

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On the outside, this building may seem perfect and well kept, but inside, there just isn't enough usable space.

"There's trucks in between the bays makes it an unsafe practice trying to get trucks out," said Chief Andrew Paulson of the Dickinson Rural Fire Department.

But firefighters won't be cramped for too much longer. The department is working with an architect to renovate and bring more room to the facility.

"The office is currently not being used or utilized up here and they have a need for additional truck bays," said Jared Twogood of GT Architect. "Kind of looked at options of different properties and for the location and response times for all their guys. The location they have now at the north station makes the most sense."

The plan is to demolish the entire office area and make it a longer attachment to the garage bays, giving the building an extra six entrances.

"With this, we'll still have room to where we can put in another truck and still get everything out safely," Paulson said. "Just safer for all the volunteers."

Twogood says the project should take about nine months and will include in-floor heating, something the facility never had.