Dickinson Airport Undergoes Site Review Before Expansion

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Dickinson has grant money to improve and expand the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport, but before they can begin the project, the site has to be reviewed.

The airport will undergo a wildlife hazard assessment and management plan.

Every month for a year, biologists will look for wildlife on and around the airport.

Once this part of the environmental assessment is complete, work can start on the project.

A new runway and a new terminal are just two improvements of the project.

"Once we are online with our bigger runway, increased terminal size, larger aircraft, we will be able to recover those lost deployments that we lost to Bismarck," said Kelly Braun, airport manager. "We will be able to bring that traffic home."

The airport committee is also finalizing a financing plan for new snow removal equipment.

The equipment will be able to remove snow faster and more efficiently, which will be helpful with the new, larger runway.