Dickinson Airport Seeks Improvements Amidst Traffic Increase

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The Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport once saw only 4,000 boarders per year. Today, the airport sees over 40,000 per year.

"Boardings have gone up tremendously," said Shawn Kessel, city administrator. "Year over year data shows increases each and every year for the last three or four years."

Kessel is not the only one to notice. The city, along with the Federal Aviation Administration and Sen. Rich Wardner want to help improve Dickinson's regional airport.

"We're really excited about the prospect of having a brand new terminal and not having to use these temporary measures," said Kessel. "The new terminal will be much more customer friendly than the existing one."

A new terminal is just one of the improvements in the airport's master plan. And putting this plan into action will take an environmental assessment of the current airport.

Airport manager Kelly Braun says the completion of the airport's runway safety area is a top priority. The extension of this area is another example of the airport's growth, something airport authority member Craig Steve has seen through his years on the board.

"It's been all good. It's a good asset to the community, the community has been very supportive of the airport in itself," said Braun. "I'm proud of the airport and the fact that it is kinda a good piece to the economic growth of the area and the community."

The airport's extended runway safety area is expected to be open this fall. The environmental assessment will show what projects are necessary for the airport to properly serve the community.