Dakota Prairie Media Captures Treasured Family Memories

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Finding his grandfather's letters inspired Daniel Stenberg to do a little digging.

"These letters showed me a side of him that I didn't get to see before," said Stenberg, founder of Dakota Prairie Media.

That turned into the Emmy-nominated documentary "6 Brothers" and prompted Stenberg to give others the opportunity to preserve family stories.

"I just think that it's a good investment for the future," said client David Nash. "It's just fantastic what I wouldn't give to have a video of my grandma who passed away right now. Just to look at and share it with my kids and my grandkids. It's just priceless is what it is."

Nash was Stenberg's first video memoir client, who had one made for his 88-year-old father in law.

"Daniel talked to him for four hours over two days and we have that uncut," Nash said.

For $400, Stenberg records a two hour interview with the subject and other than a few starter questions, he says he let's them tell their story.

"Most North Dakotans I've interviewed have a similar growing-up story," Stenberg said. "But then everyone has their own unique intricacies that lead them down different paths in life."

Stenberg has done 12 memoirs since launching Dakota Prairie Media and says he's planning on keeping it a part-time job. Aiming to complete four a month, Stenberg says he families are seeing the importance of preserving the past as they head into the future.

For more information on Dakota Prairie Media you can email Stenberg at DakotaPrairieMedia@gmail.com.