Cramer Visits Convenience Store to Work, Interact with Customers

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Convenience stores provide an important service, especially in communities like Dickinson.

To gain a greater understanding, a political leader stepped behind the counter and worked for an afternoon.

Julianne Skaff thought the Hub Convenience Store's newest employee did well today.

"He knew what he was doing it was pretty fun to watch 'cause I understand it's hard to do till," Skaff said.

The high school senior made her purchase with Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., behind the counter. Besides helping with her purchase, he spoke to her and her classmates.

"Asking us about what we thought our problems in Washington or just here in North Dakota," Skaff said.

Skaff's class visited the store because of Cramer. It is part of a nation-wide experience for members of Congress.

"They're not called convenience stores for nothing, right?" Cramer said.

Since August of 2014, the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) has allowed elected officials to take over as clerks. One of the reasons they do it is to interact with ordinary people.

Another reason why Cramer visited the Hub Monday was for its significance in the community. The U.S. convenience store industry alone serves more than 160 million customers per day.

"Today's a very fast-paced world, especially in a very robust economy like we have out here, where a lot of people working shift work things like that convenience becomes more and more important," Cramer said.

From groceries, to gas, to hardware, the Hub provides all. The events celebrate good businesses and their employees.

"These are great businesses that employ great people and they're really a staple of the community," said Caroline Quat, NACS political engagement manager.

The store's managing partner couldn't agree more, saying the story has been busy since opening in January.

"We get the opportunity to touch a lot of people, to meet a lot of people, and serve a lot of people," said Jared Scheeler, managing partner of the Hub Convenience Store.

And that will continue, but probably without Cramer behind the register.

Cramer's in-store visit was the first one in North Dakota.