Bismarck to Get 15 New Traffic Signals

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BISMARCK (KFYR-TV) Drivers in Bismarck will have to get used to some new traffic lights.

City commissioners approved a joint project tonight with the Department of Transportation to install signals that include flashing yellow arrows for left turns. They will be placed at 15 intersections on Bismarck Expressway and University Drive.

Engineers says the new signals are much safer.

"Right now, when the green arrow is on, everybody knows that it's a protected left turn," says Bismarck traffic engineer Mark Berg. "It will then go from a green to a yellow arrow and then back to a flashing yellow arrow and the purpose of that is to advise drivers that they can make a left turn on a permissive basis, as long as they yield the right of way to oncoming traffic."

The replacements will cost$25,000

Commissioners say public service announcements and other forms of public education will teach drivers about the new signals.