Bismarck School Board Finalizes Budget

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The Bismarck School Board finalized a budget of nearly $160 million Monday night.

While the mill levy went down, the district still collected more money because of higher property values.

The board will have $12.5 million left over, which it will use as a rainy day fund.

It's about 8 percent of the budget, which administrators say is a comfortable amount.

"You want to have enough in reserve so that you that you can cover for emergencies and unanticipated things that come up, but you don't want to have so much in reserve as a percentage of total budget that you're taking away the people's money," said Tamara Uselman, Bismarck Schools superintendent.

That money could be used in case a massive influx of students in the middle of the year leads to a need for more teachers or if a natural disaster destroys a building.