Bismarck Police Department Releases Annual Report

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The Bismarck Police Department responded to more than 34,000 calls in 2014.

The agency released its 2014 Annual Report Wednesday and the police chief says they had a busy year.

More serious crimes like aggravated and simple assaults decreased and the department found that about 62 percent of the incidents involved alcohol.

The drug-related violations continued to rise with nearly 100 arrests in 2014 than in the previous year.

"A lot of our theft crimes are driven by maybe the support of the drug habit. We see that often that if someone gets arrested for something else, they may have paraphernalia," said Dan Donlin, Bismarck Police chief.

Theft of motor vehicles and from cars increased by 12 percent, and Donlin says crimes against properties can be lowered if more people locked their doors and hid their valuables.