Authorities Search for Man Who Rolled Stolen Pickup

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Authorities from the western part of the state have been searching for the man who rolled a stolen pickup off Highway 85 on Thursday.

Friday, the fugitive was identified as Jeff Robertson.

Robertson is on the run, and authorities would like to track him down.

"It's been a day; he could've traveled quite a distance already," said Billings County Sheriff Pat Rummel.

After being told help was on the way when he rolled off Highway 85 Thursday, Robertson ran into a nearby sunflower field. He left a photo ID in the pickup that only has his name.

"We don't know where he's from, so the North Dakota intelligence center for the state is checking," Rummel said.

Rummel says investigators contacted the employer on the ID, but were told no one there knew Robertson. They also found clothing and sent it to a crime lab.

"We had a blood hound come in that did locate some clothing that had some blood on it," Rummel said.

"If they need us we're always here to help, so," said Jayden Peters, a K-9 handler in Dickinson.

The department's southwest tactical team helped with Thursday's search. When told that Robertson was heading north, they and others responded.

"Everybody kinda jumped in their vehicles quick and kept people in one area, and other people went flying up there to see if we could catch up and find the male," Peters said.

The team couldn't find him. Members were not involved in Friday's search, but they're always on stand-by, and have an important message for those who see Robertson.

"Don't approach him, call 911, have officers respond, we'll be the ones to check that out," Peters said.

Rummel says there are no plans to end the search until they find him.

Robertson is described as being around 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, with sandy blond hair.