Area Businesses, Nonprofit Aid Sunset Senior Center

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Some say when you work together anything is possible.

The Sunset Senior Center in downtown Dickinson got a bit of a sprucing up thanks to businesses willing to contribute to the cause.

For some at Dickinson's Sunset Senior Center, it was difficult to put into words.

"I don't know what to say, but thank you, it needed...I didn't know it so badly needed it until I see it done," said Harold Sundgren, a member of the center.

Sundgren has visited the center for almost five years. That is why the newly finished floors were an even greater surprise this afternoon.

Twenty area businesses gave money toward cleaning the center's floors. It is all a part of a local nonprofit.

"We have a nonprofit, a friend and I, and it's called An Unfinished Story," said Laurie Willett, a co-founder of An Unfinished Story.

Willett and Brenda Schumacher started the organization to help locals in need. They took on this project after asking those in charge if they were in need of help.

"Boy, it would be great to have our floors done, being elderly they can't use the equipment themselves," said Willett.

The center's president Bernadette Boucher says it has over 100 members who come back every year. It has become much more than a gathering place.

"They meet their friends; it's a way to get out for senior citizens to get out and enjoy other people," said Boucher.

In total, An Unfinished Story raised $2,100 for the senior center.