AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Helps Man With MS File Tax Return

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Filing your taxes may not be the most pleasant thing you have to do all year, but it is an obligation as a United States citizen.

The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is providing a free tax return service for North Dakotans all across the state. For some, it's a financial lifesaver.

At the Mandan library, taxpayers file in to get free help from AARP with their tax returns.

"A lot of people like myself are living on a fixed income and can't afford to go to a tax place and pay the money to do it," said Mike Sailer, Hazen.

Sailer has multiple-sclerosis. He has trouble working a computer and filling out paperwork.

"I used to do my own taxes, but now I can't," said Sailer.

So Sailer made an appointment. He was in and out in less than an hour.

"Quick. It was really quick," said Sailer.

The state tax commissioner's office is encouraging people to get their taxes done early and quickly to avoid dealing with fraudulent returns. Sailer's went through without issue.

"It's North Dakota. I'm pretty much not concerned about it," said Sailer.

"We've actually had some returns where they were rejected because somebody else used their social security number for whatever purpose," said Fritz Schwindt, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide district coordinator.

Schwindt says to protect your return, you should maintain control of your credit cards and ere on the side of caution whenever giving out social security information. In short, don't give out information to those you can't trust.>

Schwindt says the biggest issue in tax season so far is people not realizing they need medical insurance coverage or they could incur a major penalty under the Affordable Care Act.

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