$400 Million Downtown Bismarck Project Proposed

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The skyline of downtown Bismarck may soon be getting a $400 million makeover thanks to a new development proposed by Bismarck Futures.

"It really not only is, but feels like a renewed energy in our beautiful historic downtown," said Bismarck resident Aaron Barth. "I love it."

The privately funded project would feature 200 to 400 apartment units, dining, shopping and a rooftop garden, spanning from the corner of East Front Avenue to East Indiana Avenue.

It's a joint venture between Bismarck Futures and the real estate developer Cardon Development group.

The goal is to attract young talent.

"The project is geared toward young people, young professionals," said Bruce Whittey, president of Bismarck Futures. "That is the intent of the project is to entice them to Bismarck and to stay in Bismarck.

Residents at Tuesday's open house say they support the project.

"I'm most excited about the multifunctionality of it," said Bismarck resident Amos Kolbo. "That you can live and eat and hang out within walking distance. It really develops community and that's awesome so I'm excited about that."

With shopping and dining right at your front door, the impact on the capital city's economy would be huge, bringing an estimated $130 million annually.

"Of course you would see the construction impacts which would include the parking garages, a hotel, the residential living opportunities, all those sorts of things," said Kevin Hullet of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce. "The ongoing impact you would have from putting 300 to 500 people into this area down here."

The proposed plan includes a solution to parking challenges, ramp parking and 200 new on-street spaces. The project will be submitted for final approval to the city commission in upcoming weeks.

Developers say they expect groundbreaking to begin next spring.