Restaurant Owners Push for Dickinson to Approve 11 a.m. Liquor Sales on Sundays

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If you want a mimosa with your eggs Sunday morning in Dickinson, there's a wait.

"My bar will be full on Sunday mornings at 11:30 and at noon we all sit and watch the clock," said Julie Bleyenberg, Applebee's bar manager in Dickinson.

Current city law allows restaurants with liquor licenses to start serving drinks at noon. However, many in the community want that to change.

"It would help if we could serve, because we do lose a lot of revenue during that one hour period," Bleyenberg said.

Recent changes in state law allow restaurants to serve alcohol Sundays as early as 11 a.m. With the recent slowdown in oil production, the change couldn't have come at a better time.

"We're talking beer distributors, food distributors and whatnot. There's a measurable decline over the last six months or so," said James Young, general manager at Players Sports Bar and Grill.

Young says the restaurant has followed the current city law, but hopes the extra hour is approved by the city.

"There's a lot of church events going on on Sundays specifically, and that earlier time might interfere with some of those church events," said Shawn Kessel, Dickinson city administrator.

Kessel says for these reasons, there's probably people who disagree with serving alcohol earlier on Sundays. But he believes the change would cater to more people.

"They're already serving food at that time, what it will allow them to do is for those people who take a little bit earlier lunch, it will allow them to have a drink with their meals," Kessel said.

And, he adds it would allow football fans to have drinks a little earlier on game days.

"Go in and watch their teams play with a pint of beer and a pizza," Young said.