Increased Crime in Bismarck causes Residents to be More Cautious

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Some say Bismarck is not the small town they remember.

"We need to be aware of the fact that it's a changing Bismarck," says Jerry Suko, Bismarck resident.

Although separate events, the recent murders of Misty Coffelt and Greg Duane Comes have many residents worried about public safety.

"Everybody I think is talking about it, everyone seems to be more aware and needs to be more aware and going out at night's different," says Judy Kulsave, Bismarck resident.

Suko says he was at McCabe Methodist Church Sunday when possible gunshots nearby put the church on lockdown.

He says he still feels safe in Bismarck, but is constantly aware of what's going on around him.

"Be aware of your surroundings, you know, you don't want to be to the point where you can't do anything, that you just want to stay locked in your house, but at the same time, be aware that it's a changing town," says Suko.

Mark Buschena of the Bismarck Police agrees, saying residents should always be locking doors and keeping outdoor lights on, not only when events like these take place.

"I think its important for people to remember that we're still relatively one of the safest places in the country to live, you're much more likely to be a victim of property crime here, like a theft a vandalism or a burglary than you are a personal crime like robbery, aggravated assault, or murder," says Buschena.

Buschena points out that, in the last several years, there's been one or two homicides per year. He believes the public is more on edge because these two have taken place in a short time frame.