Human Remains Discovered at Dickinson Construction Site

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A startling discovery at a construction site in Dickinson late yesterday. An excavation crew uncovered human remains, and that put a stop to everything else at the site on 40th Street Northeast and 4th Avenue East.

The Dickinson Police captain sent out a released this morning that excavation crews dug up human remains along with clothing.

Investigators from the Dickinson Police Department and Bureau of Criminal Investigation arrived at the scene this afternoon and were working throughout the day on exhuming the body and other evidence.

But, residents in the apartments near the site say that even though crews found the remains last night, nothing was taped off or monitored until hours later.

"I didn't notice anything last night and I didn't notice anything this morning, but around 6:30, 7 a neighbor texted me and told me that there was police officers surrounding and taping off the area this morning," said Kenneth Cox, a Dickinson resident who lives near the investigation site.

Residents say rumors are going around suggesting that the remains may be those of a person who went missing in the area nearly three years ago, but the police haven't released any information indicating an identity.