Homes for Sale Flood Market in Dickinson

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Mariah Schulte says the signs are all over town.

"Five, six, probably at least seven on my street alone," said Schulte, Dickinson home owner.

But the price tags on Dickinson homes don't seem to be lower, even with more options and an economic slowdown.

"People have lost way more than we have and housing prices just aren't coming down," Schulte said.

Schulte's family recently moved into the larger home, and says a house nearby is listed for more than what she paid. But those in real estate say business is steady and prices have lowered about 10 percent.

"In the last two weeks we've noted a big difference, we're signing purchase agreements, and not just listing agreements," said Shirley Dukart, Home and Land Company broker associate.

Dukart admits homes purchased by oil companies and rented have flooded the market, but says many who once couldn't afford homes, now can and are looking.

"They can afford the home prices because now they're up to 250, before that we had 250 and higher," Dukart said.

Continental Real Estate says they've noticed a similar drop in prices, and adds Dickinson's economic diversity is the reason for a slight drop.

"We're still having oil activity, and we still have activity from other sectors, that we're not seeing everything just drop out," Nicole Schoeder said.

She adds that this month they've also seen an increase in business.​