UPDATE: High Winds Fan Fires in Western ND

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UPDATE: Johnelle Leingang with Emergency Task Force at Fort Yates says three homes burned, and two of them were vacant. An elderly woman displaced from the third home.

Roughly 5,000 acres burned in the fire. Seventy-five people displaced Sunday night because of smoke damage to homes. The people displaced stayed at Prairie Knights Casino.

There were two separate fires in Cannon Ball. The first was caused by a hay bale that ignited Saturday night. It then reignited around 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. The second fire is still under investigation.

Leingang says that the fire in South Dakota started around 3:30 a.m., and the cause is unknown. Currently it's in the Oak Creek area, which is heavily wooded.

Leingang said the fire is considered "out of control" right now, but no one is harm's way.

They don't have an estimate yet for acres burned. Firefighters are working on foot to put it out. The command post is at the South Dakota Water Treatment Plant and emergency workers are being given food and water there.

ORIGINAL STORY: Several wild fires ignited in western North Dakota yesterday and spread thanks to wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour. Fires broke out mid afternoon in Sterling, Wing and two separate fires in Cannon Ball on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation were also reported.

The whole town of Cannon Ball was evacuated Sunday. Some Cannon Ball residents say the blaze started when a hay bail caught fire.

Three homes and a church were burned down. A spokesperson for the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation says she doesn't know how much land was damaged because firefighters had to leave Cannon Ball to fight a second fire that broke out in Wakpala, S.D. She says about 22 people are still displaced.

"That fire -- it was out of control. There is nothing that anybody can do. No matter what. You know if you were in it's path it was going to get you no matter what," said Cannon Ball resident Lyle Usesarrow, Jr.

Evacuated residents were given food and shelter at Prairie Knights Casino. Also, Students and Staff from Cannon Ball and Solen will not have school today. Usesarrow says the damage could have been worse if the community hadn't stepped up.

"You know a lot of them were full of soot but they kept going. They wanted to help out the best way they can. You know they didn't want their community to burn down. That's what I'm proud of our community members really springing into action like that," said Usesarrow.

No one was injured in Cannon Ball but one woman was injured in a car accident on Highway 1806.

A spokesperson for the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation says the woman is in a Bismarck hospital and is expected to be OK.

Food and water donations can be taken to the Red Gym in Cannon Ball.

Megan Hahn will have more on the fires tonight.