Former Mandan Restaurant Stocking Stores With Famous Sauce Recipe

Jumbo's Drive Inn was a staple in Mandan before shutting it's doors, but Saturday customers got an opportunity to taste Jumbo's Famous Sloppy Joe's sauce once again.

Jumbo Jim's daughter, Patty and her husband John, have started selling the popular sauce in stores and today they were in Bismarck at Dan's Supermarket giving out free samples.

Being back in the area allowed John and Patty to reconnect with some customers who visited Jumbo's years ago.

"In fact even today had a lady come over and she walked right up to me and she said you're Jumbo's son-in-law and she pointed to the label and she said that's Jumbo. And she said I've bought more hamburgers and sloppy joes from him than you can shake a stick at and yeah those things are just so fun," said John Lindquist, Co-Founder.

Jumbo's is currently in 85 stores across the country. For more information on where to find the sauce go to