Farm Rescue Helps Turtle Lake Family

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Having a child diagnosed with cancer would be a nightmare for any parent.

Add to that a difficult planting season for a farmer and you've got two tasks that can't be accomplished at the same time.

Fortunately, a community stepped up to help a family in need.

For family farms everywhere, a farmer's livelihood is dependent on getting seed in the ground, and harvesting the crops that come up.

Helping a child through sickness, however, is the most important thing.

More than 900 acres of flax seed is a lot to plant.

"We knew we were going to be overwhelmed," said Alan Klain.

It's even harder for Alan, whose daughter Amy was diagnosed with leukemia in January and has to go to Fargo for treatments that can last up to a month.

"Kids shouldn't get cancer and that's just the way it is. Nobody should. Nobody should," said Alan Klain, Amy's dad.

While he's got more important things on his mind, Alan's farm is being planted thanks to Farm Rescue. Volunteers like Kenneth Chyle came as soon as they could when they heard about the Klain's hardships.

"It's what you can give back to the community yourself, and this family needs help," said Chyle.

"It's great to see the look on the people when you pull in the yard with the equipment. It's just like a relief. We've got help," said Garry Deckert, volunteer.

The support has come in from the Klain's neighbors and Turtle Lake Mercer High School as well. The school held an assembly to help Amy in her fight.

"It's overwhelming in a good sense. The community, I mean I can't single any of them. They've been just unbelievable in the support," said Alan.

The Klains have a fully planted field, and even more good news as well.

"We're going to get our Amy back home here in two weeks and hopefully for a long long life," said Alan Klain.

Which means Alan's biggest worry next year, will hopefully be only farm-related.

If you'd like to show your support for Amy, you can tweet using #AmysArmy. ​