FBI Performs Drug Raid in Fort Yates

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The FBI and three other law enforcement agencies worked together this morning to execute a search warrant for suspected drug trafficking. The Highway Patrol, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Border Patrol participated in the raid.

Law enforcement received a tip about illegal drug activity on the Standing Rock Reservation.

An FBI agent says serving warrants in a rural area can easily become dangerous. Law enforcement officers are always concerned when they're in unfamiliar areas. They're also worried about how many people are in a house and if they have any weapons.

An FBI agent says drug busts have become a weekly occurrence in the state.

"We've been seeing kind of an increase uptick in methamphetamine and heroin trafficking in the area in the last five to 10 years," said an FBI agent. "I think what you're seeing today is a joint operation between great law enforcement agencies, some actual intelligence and we're trying to act on that. It was successful today."

Because of the rise of violent crimes and drug offenses in the Bakken, the FBI will open up its first new regional office in the country in 30 years.

The bureau will support law enforcement in the Williston and Watford City area on operations like today's in Fort Yates.

"I think everybody has realized that no one can really do anything alone. Everybody brings something special to the table. You know, like the Federal Police, they have intricate knowledge of the area and the people. We knew that to be effective and we have access to federal resources and information that they don't necessarily have," said an FBI agent.

Three agents will be assigned to the new office starting in June.

We'll have more as the new regional station opens in the coming months.