N.D. Dressage Rider Pursues Olympic Goals

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A young Bismarck rider is looking to put North Dakota on the map for Dressage.

With a new mare recently imported from Germany and her first international sponsorship from Canadian company Scheelse Saddlery, Mimi Stanley, is closer to achieving her goals of international competition and one day riding her mare in the Olympics

Mimi Stanley isn't a stranger to saddles. For years, she's collected medals from the United States Dressage Federation, gaining national attention.

"I want to show the world how awesome North Dakota can be too and how fabulous the people are here," said Stanley.

The 26-year-old is stepping up her game with the first European equine import to the area, a young Westphalian warmblood mare from Munster, Germany.

"Germany really has a fabulous legacy and system for breeding these horses that are really amazing athletes and really purpose bred. They are physically much more able to be doing the things that we are asking them for," said Stanley.

When at the Olympic level dressage horses and riders will look almost like they're dancing. A skill which takes time to master. Stanley will train Abraxa herself for at least 6 years.

"The goal is to have her be and International Grand Prix horse, so there's lots of different paths and what fits for that horse," said Stanley.

And as you can see, three year old Abraxa isn't camera shy, which Stanley says is a good sign.

"She seems like she's got a good attitude and is physically what we we're hoping for and we'll see how that all kind of develops," said Stanley.

Stanley and Abraxa may not be ready to compete just yet but with time the pair could be dancing their way to the Olympics.

Stanley hopes to have Abraxa compete next year at the Federation Equestrian International. For more information visit http://prtcdressage.com/about