Doug Burgum Supports Trump, Looks forward to Republican in White House

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Gubernatorial candidate, Doug Burgum, has released a statement expressing his support for Donald Trump as president.

“Donald Trump has effectively secured the Republican nomination for president, and it is time for Republicans to support Donald Trump’s candidacy. He has brought a record number of new voters into the Republican primary process, and we must now begin to grow that base by uniting our party's diverse coalitions. With the presidential nomination process effectively over, Republicans must begin focusing on winning the White House. The stakes this November are too high to wait. It is essential for North Dakota’s economy that the next president be a Republican.

Americans will have two very different choices – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Donald’s success is a result of voter’s frustration with career politicians and the status quo. Voters are looking for a political outsider because the status quo isn’t working for many Americans. We need business leaders in office that understand the changing economy.”