Dickison Holds First State of Education Luncheon

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Leaders in education crowded a Dickinson hall Tuesday from four institutions.

But it wasn't just those in education. They invited the community to hear about progress with the city's education systems.

It was the theme of the luncheon.

"Where are we and where are we going," said Steve Glasser, Dickinson Catholic Schools president.

The president of Dickinson Catholic Schools and others in Dickinson education talked about school additions, new technology and the road ahead at the first State of Education in Dickinson.

"To see some slides of what it's actually going to look like, you know, it's going to be a phenomenal facility for our fine arts program, our academics," Glasser said.

Glasser showed slides on the progress of new Trinity facilities. Dickinson Public Schools' superintendent did a similar presentation with work on a new middle school. All four speakers agreed on the bond within local education.

"From higher ed, down to pre-school, and from parochial to the public schools," said Doug Sullivan, Dickinson Public Schools superintendent.

"Just a really good relationship we have with all the schools, and that's important," Glasser said.

Dickinson State University President Tom Mitzel highlighted scholarships through the school's new Heritage Foundation: an entity many in Dickinson are involved with.

"We had something that the community and that the people were wanting to hear about," said Cheryl Viola, Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce executive director.

Viola says the idea for the education luncheon started while planning for the state of the city event. The chamber believed parents would have enough interest in the event.

"What is the education system like? Is it going to suffice what I'm looking for for my children, and so yeah it is, education is a huge key component," Viola said.

They plan on having more meetings on Dickinson education throughout the year.

Hope Christian Academy was also represented at the luncheon, and will have its first graduating class this year.​