Dickinson's State Avenue Project Ahead of Schedule

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Dickinson's State Avenue Project is designed to smooth the flow of traffic, but it wasn't a one season job.

After being closed for the winter, work is starting up again.

"Keep on schedule and continue the project to be on track to being done in October," said Chris Beaver, Ames Construction safety manager.

This week is dedicated to unloading wall panels for the approach to the bridge and breaking old State Avenue concrete. The team's in good spirits.

"We're very excited to be back, I can tell you. On the trip up it's a long drive, so we're a little bit tired," Beaver said.

Workers on the project are from across the country, including Florida and Minnesota. Operating machinery is a large part of the job, but some workers are on the road with drivers.

"Our flaggers out here on the project, they're here to protect the general public, the second part is that they protect us working," Beaver said.

Drivers can expect slight delays from the project because of moving equipment, but for the most part, traffic won't change. When complete, the overpass will be about 26 feet above the ground, and the team is looking forward to it's completion.

"Always a great time anytime you come back and you get a start and actually see the project all the way through, this year we actually have a lot of work going on," said Nick Ames, Ames Construction project manager.

In the upcoming months, the public can also expect work to be done on West Villard Street.

There are about 15 workers on site, but that will soon increase to 50.​=