Dickinson Recreational Center Revamped

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It's going to be plenty cold outside in the coming days, but people in Dickinson will be able to stay indoors while enjoying a favorite pastime.

The Dickinson Recreational Center has been revamped after a $10 million expansion project and renamed the West River Ice Center. The new rink will allow more time for public skating and youth hockey.

"With the oil workers coming in, a lot of them are still in apartments, don't have houses yet. They don't have yards and stuff to play in. So, the parks in the summer and these amenities in the winter are a great boon for their families to do something," says Ryan Nelson, Dickinson Parks and Recreation.

For more information on public skate times visit the Dickinson Parks web site. And, this weekend, Zarina Khairzada will have more on how these new city amenities benefit the community.