Dickinson Public Schools Administrators Attend Improvement Camp

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Dickinson Public Schools are just a few clicks away from finalizing what areas of school life need to be improved for the next academic year.

"Different schools have different data feedback that they have gotten, said Rebecca Pitkin, the principal of Jefferson Elementary School. "For example one school could see that the trend in reading has dipped somewhat."

Pitkin and school administrators from each Dickinson Public School are reviewing school data today and tomorrow for Dickinson's School Improvement Camp. Today, the team reviewed data in Prairie Rose Elementary School's computer lab.

After reviewing data on things such as, students who receive free and reduced lunch, Pitkin says that the team searches for strengths and weaknesses within the figures. It is at this point that an overall improvement plan can be made.

Today the team focused on Dickinson Public Schools as a whole, but tomorrow, it will be a little different.

"We'll break into our individual schools, and we will look at individual building goals so what worked last year," said Marcus Lewton, the principal of Hagen Junior High. "What we implemented last year, what data do we have to show that it worked or didn't work, and how can we improve it."

Although tomorrow the team will separate for a greater focus on the individual schools, Lewton says that today's conversation with people from all Dickinson public schools is crucial.

"Having all the bits and pieces, each school, K through 12, together in one room affords us the ability to talk about trends that are occurring across grade levels," said Lewton.

Lewton added that improving students' reading and math skills are areas Dickinson Public Schools will focus on this upcoming academic year.