Dickinson Prepares for Winter Recreation

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We've talked about all the trouble and the hassle of a snowfall. But let's not forget the potential for fun.

Tiffanni Wax says as long as the roads stay clear, her family enjoys the snow.

"We loved it, the kids woke up and were so excited," Wax said.

The mother of three says the family always has fun in the snow. This year, the family is taking their first skiing trip, but her daughter Olivia's favorite activity doesn't involve skis.

"I like to build snowman...Yeah, that's their favorite building snowmen, we haven't taken them ice skating yet but we hope to," Wax said.

Dickinson has two outdoor ice skating rinks, besides an indoor rink. Now that there's some snow to work with, the Parks and Recreation Department will gear up for winter activities.

"We'll start preparing the outdoor ice rinks now, actually we have flooded each of them a couple times but with the warm temperatures this week, it all soaked in," said James Kramer, Dickinson Parks and Recreation director.

Kramer says besides the outdoor rinks, the department plans to groom sections of the Heart River Golf Course for cross country skiing. The length of the season is dependent on the weather, that he says is unpredictable.

"Usually we can keep them going well into February, and then as Mother Nature changes in March, typically we will lose the ice rinks and ski trails," Kramer said.

Kramer believes golf season is officially over in Dickinson, but hopes that after Friday's snow they have a base for cross country trails. The course looks very different from the start of the week.

"We had 102 golfers on Wednesday, and about 60 golfers on Monday, so I had to bring all the carts out," said Ernie Hill, Heart River Golf Course.

Hill says that they've brought the carts in and out four times this fall, and adds that some golfers are looking forward to the trails this winter.

The department says it plans to have all winter recreation open by the time schools let out for break.​